Business Marketing Automation from a Marketing Consultant in Walnut Creek Lets Us Travel and Earn Money Online

I worked in business back when direct mail was the rage in marketing your products. I have been retired after a success career for quite some time. Then I got the itch to start an online business to supplement our retirement. I had an idea that I could work a few hours per week to finance our traveling and hobbies. Green fees are not cheap, and neither are those lenses for my wife’s photography hobby. We decided on hiring a marketing consultant in Walnut Creek to help us with the web and social media aspect of modern ways of marketing. Our goal was to automate our business as much as possible so it did not interfere with our retirement time.

Our niche idea kind of took off. We spend a few hours every week working on our core product line, and the rest is just web and social media marketing managed by another company. Our profits are right where we want them to be for continued stability of the business, and the salary we draw supports us traveling in our RV, golfing and buying fancy camera gear. My wife got me interested in photography, but I like video better. I bought my first drone with the extra money from our little retirement business. I became a civil operator to be able to use the footage in marketing our online business.

The marketing consultant in Walnut Creek that we hired is incredible as far as automating the daily social media, email and web marketing to promote our business. Campaigns for sales and promotions are put in place months ahead of time, and they automatically roll out when we want them to. The automation makes it so we can be off-grid camping in our RV on Bureau of Land Management property in the middle of nowhere and our online business just takes care of itself. I never could have done anything like this when I had the job I retired from. I was even working when we were on family vacations.