Cracked the Screen on My Phone

Of course fifteen years ago when I started out very few people had mobile phones and I got on pretty well without one. In fact I can remember when no one except drug dealers and millionaires could afford to have a mobile phone. Now I am completely reliant on my smart phone and it was a catastrophe when I cracked the screen on my phone while traveling on business. I had to figure out how to find someone who does iphone repair in Richmond, which would have been a simple task if I had had my phone. Instead I found a public library and went in there to quickly use the internet on a public computer. I had to send out a couple of emails too, which frightened me pretty much. I kept wondering how much risk I would be taking by signing into my email account on this computer. Obviously if the next person who sat down was some savvy cyber criminal they may well be able to retrieve what I had just had up.

The way to avoid this is hopefully to go incognito or to use a private browser as they say on other browsers I think. At any rate this is what I did and I hope that it made me safer. I ended up getting the screen replaced, although it required me to drive to the other side of the city and to wait about forty minutes. Obviously you can not expect them to drop every thing that they are doing in order to get my day back on the rails. In fact I managed to salvage things by inviting one of the clients out to dinner. It was lucky that I knew the owner of a really nice restaurant. He was really excited to go there on my credit card.