The Opposition to Bill 78

The Misshapes, New York Fashion Week After Party, For Z Spoke at LAVO ...Quebec continues to show disagreement with government plans to hike post secondary education tuition costs. The proposed hike would mean that students pay up to seventy-five percent more over the next seven years. Many protests have taken place, and students, government workers and union members are not opposed to expressing their disagreement.

While we all realize the importance of a post secondary education, and no one wants to see prices increase, a middle ground needs to be found in this case. The cost of education continues to rise, with rising costs of facilities, staff, updated technology and other educational supplies. Someone must pay for this, whether it be the tax payers, the schools or the students themself. Avoiding these costs all together is impossible, and it would result in a substandard educational system that students would not be happy with and thus, would likely protest.

While the explanation for the need for this law is simple enough, it is also easy to see the other side. Continue reading The Opposition to Bill 78

Students Fighting in Socialist Party Movement

Bergen: One al Qaeda leader left - I4U NewsQuebec has a rich history of socialist parties and people working actively to advance social democracy ideals such as worker’s rights and universal healthcare. As far back as the early 20th century, Canada has seen so-called leftist parties and activist groups protesting, organizing for political purposes and running candidates for office.

A number of groups came and went in those early days, including the Socialist Party of Canada, the Communist Party of Canada, the Canadian Labour Congress and more recent parties widely considered radical because of their differences with mainstream left and right parties. Continue reading Students Fighting in Socialist Party Movement