Learning My Father’s Family History in Maryland

Needing a change of pace as well as a new place to live my life, I opted to move across the United States from my home in Arizona to Maryland, where I had a lot of family on my father’s side. Looking for apartments in Towson MD was first on my list of things to do as I could not envision living in the basement of my aunt and uncle’s home forever.

i knew I would be in for a bit of a shock once the winter came, but the thought of being so close to the ocean and in the land of all of that wonderful Maryland Blue Crab had me quickly forgetting how cold and snowy it could be in Baltimore.

I was also interested in learning some more about the history of my country as well as the history of my father’s side of the family. My mother’s parents had always lived very nearby when I was growing up and all were very much like me, but my father’s family was a bit of a mystery as we only saw a few members here and there for weddings and funerals. I looked forward getting to know his siblings and my cousins and seeing the lives that they led on the East coast.

I had spent the last twelve years working in an office and when the opportunity arose for me to get a little more creative and work alongside my uncle in his restaurant, I couldn’t pass up the chance to do something I had longed to do since I was a child. I enjoy baking and looked forward to having some of my creations grace my uncle’s menu and was also looking forward to learning about preparing some of the savory dishes his restaurant is known for as well.

Found a Great Home for Us

Finding a new home in Texas was a concern for me and my family. Not only is the new home for myself and my wife and daughter but it is also for our two cats. Some apartment complexes are not pet friendly. So I went online and started looking for a perfect home. When I was doing an internet search I found this website www.forumatgrandprairie.com and found it to be very helpful. We are a lover of animals and would never leave our cats behind, because they are just like another family member to us. We are teaching our daughter to respect animals as she is growing up, just like our families did with us.

When I found your website I loved how easily I was able to get the information I wanted for the apartments you had for rent. Moving to Texas was adventure to us as it was so we definitely needed to find a home that we would feel comfortable in and that would suit all of our needs. Continue reading Found a Great Home for Us

Using the Internet to Find a New Home and Furry Friend

Looking for a new place to live, I believe, has gotten both easier and much more difficult than what I remember when finding my first place away from my parents’ home to live. I appreciate not having to drive all over the place to look at apartments, but the sheer amount of apartments available to tour online with click here, visit site, click there, visit another site all lead to information overload and the need to use a good old piece of paper and pen to take notes.

After our kids had moved out of the house to lead their adult lives, my husband and I were looking for a new place to live that would eliminate the need to do yard maintenance and allow us to spend our retirement travelling without having to find a trustworthy house sitter first.

We had been living in a suburb very close to Atlanta while working because we both worked in the city and wanted as short of a drive as possible, but we no longer needed to worry about the commute. The McDonough area looked promising and while a bit further away from Atlanta than we had been accustomed to, it was still close enough to visit restaurants we had been enjoying over the years.

After checking out literally hundreds of apartments online, I managed to narrow our list down to a manageable amount to tour in a day. It didn’t take us long to find the perfect new home complete with swimming pool, tennis court and a fitness center. We were also pleased to find that we would be allowed to have a pet and I immediately wanted to see the puppies the local Humane Society had that were in need of homes. My husband talked me into waiting until we had actually moved to avoid having to uproot a dog as well and while it was great advice, I can’t help myself from now scouring the shelter listings online in search of the newest member of our family.

Moving to Midtown Atlanta for My Job

You go where the work is. That is why my wife and I have not bought a home yet. I work in an industry that needs me to establish infrastructure where it is developing, then I have to move on to the next place that is developing in the industry. My wife is a nurse and can get a job pretty much anywhere. It takes a couple of years of me working in each place. Now it was time to move to Georgia, and we started looking at apartments for midtown Atlanta to move to. I get a moving and housing allowance that really helps. We try to get our rent in line with what the housing allowance pays in order to not have to pay anything over that. Continue reading Moving to Midtown Atlanta for My Job

Moving Back to Georgia After All These Years Spent Running Around the Country

My parents raised me in Georgia. I went to college in Georgia. Then I moved way up north to work a job in geology. Then I moved to the southwest a couple of years after that. I met my wife when I moved again to the northwest along the Pacific Coast. We got together because she was originally form Georgia too, and we missed it. We spent a few years moving around. We both were geologists now working for the gas and oil industry. My wife sent me an email sometime back that simply said, “visit site” and had a link to a really nice apartment complex down in Marietta Georgia where she grew up. We were in the midst of starting our own geological consulting firm that would be run by the two of us. Continue reading Moving Back to Georgia After All These Years Spent Running Around the Country