Selecting Finance Software to Maximize Savings

I believe that most individuals only think about taxes once year. I wish that I were one of those people, but as a tax preparer, I find myself thinking about it year-round. That’s because it’s my job. I help other people complete their taxes and find the biggest possible refund available. The one thing that makes the entire process easier is using the best tax software available. I always make sure that I have the best software on the market, and that it will allow me to find the biggest deductions. I consistently evaluate the software that I am using, and will change software if it means it is more convenient or more productive for me to do so.

I’ve been using my current tax software for over a year now, and I’m very happy. Continue reading Selecting Finance Software to Maximize Savings

I Needed to Make Caring for My Home a Priority

I remember watching news of Hurricane Katrina many years ago and being horrified by what I saw happening to the homes of the people who lived in New Orleans. I made some changes in my own life after that to become more responsible with being ready for bad weather in my state, but I didn’t do enough things. I’ve worked hard to change that, and now I even have Saskatchewan homeowners insurance so that my home is covered if it is damaged in a big way. This is something that I often I ignored in the past because I was more interested in buying new clothes or wasting my money on things that wouldn’t help me during an emergency.

Recently, another big hurricane hit the state of Texas. The news talked a lot about people who were making monthly payments on their homes, but many of the people affected by flooding do not have flood insurance. The newscaster mentioned that a lot of people simply feel that they won’t ever be affected by a weather catastrophe. Continue reading I Needed to Make Caring for My Home a Priority

Finding a Place from a Flashing Ad

It’s interesting that advertisers are able to get their ads to our computers right when we’re searching for something. I was doing some apartment hunting and there was an ad that appeared on a website. The click here ad had no trouble making sure that I was able to see it, flashing like a traffic light at a railroad crossing. Once I clicked the ad, it took me to the homepage for an apartment complex, where I could learn more information about how much a room at the complex would cost and the kinds of amenities that were offered there.

The apartment complex looked like it was a nice once, but I wasn’t ready to sign any leases just yet. I wanted to look at some more complexes to see if I could find better deals. I had a list of 20 places that I was interest in, with the newest place from the ad being the 21st. Going from that many complexes to just one wasn’t going to be something that I would be able to do in just one day. As I added more places to the list, the task of choosing one looked like it would take even longer than I thought.

In the end, I had a list of 30 complexes. I felt that was a good enough cut off point, so I went through the places one by one to determine if they would be good enough for me to live in with my current budget. I crossed off the ones that I thought didn’t deserve to make it, and put the rest on a final list which had only 5 of the top places. In the end, the place that won was the one that I found in the ad that was flashing, which was quite a shock.