I Have Been Trying to Stay Busy

Of course retirement is not for everyone and I have not truly enjoyed it, so I went out and found myself a sort of job.This fellow from church hired me, because he trusted me and I have a nice powerful truck which is pretty much what this job requires. He does work for a car dealership and some of the time they want to move their inventory around from one to the other, depending upon what people want to buy. I found the best CB radio I could find for cheap so that I could listen to the truck drivers when I am on the highway. Of course for the most part they talk about good looking women they can look down upon from their vantage points high above the road. They occasionally tell you things that you would like to know and that might save you time or trouble.

At any rate I probably work a couple of days most weeks, which is just fine with me. It might not amount to a lot some of the time. Continue reading I Have Been Trying to Stay Busy