Finding a Place from a Flashing Ad

It’s interesting that advertisers are able to get their ads to our computers right when we’re searching for something. I was doing some apartment hunting and there was an ad that appeared on a website. The click here ad had no trouble making sure that I was able to see it, flashing like a traffic light at a railroad crossing. Once I clicked the ad, it took me to the homepage for an apartment complex, where I could learn more information about how much a room at the complex would cost and the kinds of amenities that were offered there.

The apartment complex looked like it was a nice once, but I wasn’t ready to sign any leases just yet. I wanted to look at some more complexes to see if I could find better deals. I had a list of 20 places that I was interest in, with the newest place from the ad being the 21st. Going from that many complexes to just one wasn’t going to be something that I would be able to do in just one day. As I added more places to the list, the task of choosing one looked like it would take even longer than I thought.

In the end, I had a list of 30 complexes. I felt that was a good enough cut off point, so I went through the places one by one to determine if they would be good enough for me to live in with my current budget. I crossed off the ones that I thought didn’t deserve to make it, and put the rest on a final list which had only 5 of the top places. In the end, the place that won was the one that I found in the ad that was flashing, which was quite a shock.