Finding the Perfect Luxury Home on the First Try Takes a Great Real Estate Agent

It was our first experience in the state of California. Neither one of us had been this far west our entire lives. We were retiring and picked a state based on everything we read and saw online. We were not 100 percent sure we wanted to stay, so we found luxury real estate in Santa Barbara that we could lease for a year to see how we liked it out here. The weather was just what we wanted. It was a far cry from what we were used to. We moved in November and finally had a really comfortable winter for the first time ever.

The place where we were living had all of the modern amenities with plenty of granite in the kitchen. I like that so much better than cheaper countertop surfaces you might find elsewhere. The big laundry room and the hardwood floors made the place look regal from the first moment you stepped into the foyer. Everything about the construction was top-notch and very well done. You can tell that experienced craftsmen built this place.

It was nice to find a listing that we could lease and then convert into a purchase if we desired. Upon the approach of our anniversary of moving in, we had no desire to move to any other part of the country. We were very happy in our new home. It is big and roomy and the landscaping outdoors is unlike anything we have ever had. The huge in-ground swimming pool is a gathering spot for us and our new friends as well as visiting family during the holidays. We are very happy with everything.

We hired a real estate agency that deals in luxury real estate in Santa Barbara to find this place for us. It was on target from the first place they showed us. Neither of us really had to see another option. The agent knew exactly what we wanted.