Found a Great Home for Us

Finding a new home in Texas was a concern for me and my family. Not only is the new home for myself and my wife and daughter but it is also for our two cats. Some apartment complexes are not pet friendly. So I went online and started looking for a perfect home. When I was doing an internet search I found this website and found it to be very helpful. We are a lover of animals and would never leave our cats behind, because they are just like another family member to us. We are teaching our daughter to respect animals as she is growing up, just like our families did with us.

When I found your website I loved how easily I was able to get the information I wanted for the apartments you had for rent. Moving to Texas was adventure to us as it was so we definitely needed to find a home that we would feel comfortable in and that would suit all of our needs. I sent a email to the manager right away to set up a time to meet with them so we could do a walk through. I would visit the apartments and take pictures so I could show my family. I heard back from the manager within a few hours. I set up a time to go visit the apartment complex in the following week.

I was very happy with the manager and all of the employees I met with that day. I was able to see a model apartment and it gave me a great idea of what it would be like to live there. I went home and after a brief discussion my wife and I decided the Forum at Grand Prairie would be the perfect place for us.