Getting Projector Accessories for Our Community Movie Night at the Local Park

We live in a small town that is next to another small town. There is no traffic light in either community. It is a flat area, and you would not know you are walking into the next town if you did not know the boundary lines already. We get together and have a movie night in the park for people of both towns. I have a super bright HD projector, and a portable screen. We buy a license to show a movie or two and make an evening of it. I looked online to buy projector accessories to get a bigger screen. I found one that is an airblown screen that blows up to 12 feet. That is the perfect size for our growing audience.

I also found an easy to transport sound system that has big sound that fills up the entire sports field at the park for our movie night. Our movie nights got a whole lot better when I found the right place to buy projector accessories. Last year I added a commercial popcorn popper that I picked up for a very low cost. The guy threw in a cotton candy and shaved ice machine too. He liked what we were doing with the community movie night. It is a lot of fun, and we show family-friendly movies at no charge for the community. We all get together and have some fun as the kids play together before the movie starts. Most people can just walk home after the movie.

I like things like that in our community. So many other areas have people that do not ever even speak to one another. We all know each other at least by sight if not by name. I would have never thought that my investment in a projector that connects to my computer and DVD player would ever have such a positive impact on our community for our summer get-together movie nights.