Helping His Brother Find the Right Condo

My husband and I had no plans of buying one of the condos at the New Futura development. It was not because of this particular place though. We just had a plan that we were following for our lives. Once we saw the plans for where we are now living though, we knew that we would be passing up a deal that we would probably never get again. There are so many things that New Futura has going for it, including the location as well as the amenities. We only looked at it because his brother asked our opinion on it for himself, and we are the ones who ended up getting one of the condos there.

His brother asked for our opinion because he knew that we were going to be looking for a place of our own in the next five or six years. He knew of our great master plan list, so he trusted that we would offer him the same guidance that we have always given ourselves since the day we married. As soon as I looked at the official website for these condos, I knew that it was a great place to live for not only my brother in law but for my husband and myself too.

My husband agreed with me too. He loved the location because it is more centrally located than where we had been living. He would be able to shave off 15 minutes each way for his commute, which really does add up over the weeks. As for me, the layout of the condos really intrigued me, and I loved the fact that I can walk out my front door and have so many amenities available right there. My brother in law did end up getting a condo there, and we are now neighbors instead of living 30 minutes apart from one another.