I Needed to Make Caring for My Home a Priority

I remember watching news of Hurricane Katrina many years ago and being horrified by what I saw happening to the homes of the people who lived in New Orleans. I made some changes in my own life after that to become more responsible with being ready for bad weather in my state, but I didn’t do enough things. I’ve worked hard to change that, and now I even have Saskatchewan homeowners insurance so that my home is covered if it is damaged in a big way. This is something that I often I ignored in the past because I was more interested in buying new clothes or wasting my money on things that wouldn’t help me during an emergency.

Recently, another big hurricane hit the state of Texas. The news talked a lot about people who were making monthly payments on their homes, but many of the people affected by flooding do not have flood insurance. The newscaster mentioned that a lot of people simply feel that they won’t ever be affected by a weather catastrophe. However, when it finally happens to them, they often find themselves in the position of being stuck with a home that is uninhabitable because they have no insurance to help them fix flood damage afterward.

I don’t make a lot of money, but the money I had leftover each month was not going to good use each month. I wasted a lot of money on buying the latest fashions, books that I often didn’t read, new furniture that I did not need and a lot of other wasteful things. If my home flooded or a fire broke out, none of those things would even be of any use to me afterward. I worked with a financial counselor who has helped me to put a simple budget together. Now that I’ve cut out all of my frivolous spending, home insurance is simple to pay for and I even have quite a bit of money left to save afterward, too.