Looking for a Place with My Mom Has Been a Lot of Fun

Some of the best apartments in North Charleston SC are located on the opposite side of the city where I grew up. In the section where I grew up, there are mostly older homes. It’s a beautiful area, but I cannot afford a home there. I had been living with my parents, and it was time for me to spread my wings and get an apartment. I knew that there would be many to choose from, but I just needed to start taking tours of them so that I could think about what it is that I wanted for myself. This was a whole new thing to me altogether. I didn’t think it would be too hard to handle, and it was not.

Mom and dad told me that I should look for a place that is not located very far from the place where I work. The both explained that it can become tiresome very quickly to have to drive 30 or more minutes to and from work when there’s a lot of traffic on the streets. They also explained that I should look for a place that is located behind gates since I am a female who will be living on her own. Our city is pretty safe as it is, but I felt that it would be a good idea to look for a gated community. My mom said she would come with me while I went through looking at a bunch of communities to help point out some other important things as well.

Mom helped me pick out a place that is great and I love it. There is a pond located outside and there are lot of ducks that live in the pond in the spring and summer. I can see it quite clearly from the unit that I have chosen to rent. I also have my own dishwasher, which is great because my parents never had one, and I was never fond of doing them by hand.