Moving Back to Georgia After All These Years Spent Running Around the Country

My parents raised me in Georgia. I went to college in Georgia. Then I moved way up north to work a job in geology. Then I moved to the southwest a couple of years after that. I met my wife when I moved again to the northwest along the Pacific Coast. We got together because she was originally form Georgia too, and we missed it. We spent a few years moving around. We both were geologists now working for the gas and oil industry. My wife sent me an email sometime back that simply said, “visit site” and had a link to a really nice apartment complex down in Marietta Georgia where she grew up. We were in the midst of starting our own geological consulting firm that would be run by the two of us. It was better for us to contract with multiple oil and gas industry companies than to just work for one.

We could work out of any place we lived as much of the work was just looking at maps, highly detailed satellite images and images captured from aircraft equipped with special cameras. When we did have to visit locations, we could fly in together, do the work and then head back home. I liked the website my wife emailed me. I did “visit site” and saw the Ashford Retreat apartment homes. It had a lake view on grounds that were meticulously kept. Inside the apartment the living room was really big, and the bedroom had room for a king bed with plenty of room to walk around the thing and make it up each day. No more cramped spaces! The closets were big, and the kitchen had black appliances and granite countertops. There was also a private balcony for the floor plan I really liked, which was the two bedroom apartment with 1.5 baths. Well, it was not long before we went back home to Georgia to live at the Ashford Retreat and run our consulting business.