Moving to Midtown Atlanta for My Job

You go where the work is. That is why my wife and I have not bought a home yet. I work in an industry that needs me to establish infrastructure where it is developing, then I have to move on to the next place that is developing in the industry. My wife is a nurse and can get a job pretty much anywhere. It takes a couple of years of me working in each place. Now it was time to move to Georgia, and we started looking at apartments for midtown Atlanta to move to. I get a moving and housing allowance that really helps. We try to get our rent in line with what the housing allowance pays in order to not have to pay anything over that.

The apartments for midtown Atlanta were really nice and just right within our housing budget. It is called The Pad, and it is close to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which is very convenient for us. We like to go back and see family as often as we can. I figure a few more years working this way and we will move back to where our roots are at and I can consult. Right now we stay mobile being ready to move every couple of years. It is not hard on us as we do like the experience of seeing new places. The apartment is only 10 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

The place is a full gated community with controlled entry access. That is a real plus. We like apartments that are secure, especially when you live close to any metropolitan area. The fact that they have Google fiber Internet is very helpful as I need to work with large data files and need a very high-speed Internet connection. This allows me to be able to spend more time working from home rather than sitting in one of the company offices. This is probably the best choice for apartment in midtown Atlanta.