Out with the Very Old

Sometimes I accumulate a lot of old things in my home and I have to get rid of them because they’re taking up too much space. I generally put them on an auction site, but sometimes I just want to sell them without all of the hassle of delivering them to far off locations. I’d rather just give them to someone who lives close to me. That’s why I contacted a mobile application development company and requested that they make an app that would allow me to sell my items to local residents only. It may seem odd to limit my sales potential to one area, but it’s so much easier.

The company was more than willing to help me out. They created the app in a short amount of time, and only thing I had to worry about was spreading the word about the app. No one would get anything from the app if they didn’t know that it existed. I told as many people as I knew about the app and posted about it constantly on my social media profiles. The first thing that I placed for sale on the app was an old lamp. I could even remember where I bought the lamp from, because it was so old. I think I bought it used online, but I might be wrong.

A person who lived a few blocks from me was able to buy the lamp. I drove the lamp to his home and he was happy to have it. Other people started using the app to place their old items up for sale, and it became quite a hit. I haven’t bought anything using the app, as I only wanted to sell. I intent to get rid of all of my old stuff and replace it with more modern stuff.