Stopping off in Malaysia Before Going to Singapore

We visited Malaysia on our trip to Singapore. We spent a few days on the mainland before reaching the island nation of Singapore. When we were in Malaysia, we stayed at a hotel in Bukit Bintang. The area is called Starhill in English, and it is a shopping area of Kuala Lumpur. It is in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, and it is a big tourist area. We could tell it was very popular. I was not used to crowds like that. Asian folks seem to not be bothered being shoulder to shoulder in some areas. I am used to much more open spaces. I never really even visit big cities back home, so this was new to me.

My wife and kids enjoy visiting crowded places. I am a lot more reserved about that. However, I did have a lot of fun shopping in Bukit Bintang, but I am not a haggler at all. If a street vendor tells me $10 American, then I give him what he wants. My wife would haggle the price down to less than half. She came back to our hotel in Bukit Bintang with the kids after getting separated from me as I shopped for gadgets. She had bags of stuff that cost the same price as three things I bought. She rolled her eyes and laughed at me when I told her I got some good deals. At least my stuff will fit in the carry on luggage when we go home. We will have to pay extra for another piece of luggage to pack her and the kids’ stuff back home.

We had a great time in Malaysia, and it was super fun at her parent’s place in Singapore. They live in a residential building that has an infinity pool and a park with trees and grass on the roof! I have never seen anything like that before.