The Most Perfect Apartment Ever

I am not a super picky person on most things, but I definitely have my standards when it comes to where I live. If I have a bad meal out or end up watching a bad movie, the long term implications are just not going to be there. If I choose a bad apartment though, I am locked into a one year lease. Since I cannot afford to break a lease, I have to make sure I really like where I live. I started looking at apartments near Stone Oak about two months before I knew I was going to move to that area.

Since getting my new job six months ago, I had upped my travel time to nearly an hour just one way, so I wanted to find something closer to work. My lease was up in two months, and I wanted to give myself enough time to find something that would be up to my standards. As soon as I saw the apartments at Regency at Lookout Canyon, I knew I had found my next home. I had only looked at a couple of other apartment complexes prior to this one, but I knew that I did not have to look at any others.

What impressed me the most is the garage on the lower level. I have had reserved parking before at two different apartments, but this was the first time I would have my very own garage. I also liked the layout of the apartment in general. It is extremely spacious, made more so by the combined living room and dining room. Since there is a bar in the kitchen, I knew I would have all of my meals either there or on the balcony. This is just the most perfect apartment ever, and I am glad that I was able to find it so easily!