We Had a Production Truck Custom Built for Us

We have developed a traveling show that is growing. We used to haul all of our gear in an SUV. Then we bought a trailer to put it in. The setup and tear down would take hours. We cut the time to set things up at each venue by having a production truck built. It holds all of our sound and video equipment, and we just run cables into each venue. The director and engineers work from inside the truck. It is a custom presentation system design based on a Sprinter van that even has our satellite dish on it for broadcasting.

It saves us so much time setting up for a show. There is no need to hook up all the computers and take them down at each location. Everything stays hooked up inside the truck, and only cables need to be run. We can even do remote shows where there is no power because we have an industrial generator on a trailer we can bring with us. The production truck was a financial investment for us, and it is built according to our needs and specifications. Its internal layout allows for modular upgrades as new technology becomes available.

It is so much easier to use the truck to handle sound and video. We used to have to bring tables and chairs and all kinds of extra gear just to be able to set up things in each venue where we play. Now we can run cables through a window or door and have full production capability in our studio booth on wheels. We still have a trailer for hauling the speakers, amplifiers and other stuff, but that is much easier to take down. The computers, sound and video equipment has a lot of cables that need to be precisely run and then stored. Having it all permanently installed and connected in our production truck takes hours off of our setup and tear down procedures on the road.