Web Design in Norcross, GA for Home Based Businesses

I am a stay at home mom of three school aged children. My youngest child just started school and I seem to have too much time on my hands. I’ve been thinking about starting a home-based business making and selling quilts. Before launching my new business I knew I had to have a website to market my product. A friend suggested I do an internet search for web design in Norcross, GA. And I did just that and was pleasantly surprised to come across a professional web design company that could help me create the perfect website for my new business, Handmade Country Quilts.

I immediately contacted them to discuss creating my website. They were so easy and pleasant to talk to. The gentleman I spoke with listened attentively to all of my thoughts about a new website. After patiently listening to me, he had so many suggestions and thoughts of his own that never even occurred to me. I was so pleased when he assured me that he could have my new website up and running within a week. He was going to make sure it was user-friendly for me and that I would be able to accept payments online for my quilts. I needed to take pictures of the quilts that were completed and ready to be sold so he could upload them to the site.

I also had to provide him with a description of my business and a little bit of background on myself. Telling the story of how my grandmother taught me how to sew and make quilts was going to be fun and easy. You see, my grandmother taught me at a very young age the art of quilting. I would spend countless hours with her sewing and learning tricks of the trade. This is time that I would not trade for anything in the world. And to think, she will always be a part of every single quilt I make.