Why Getting the Best Grades in Physics is Important

Electrons, neutrons, quarks and all that stuff were driving our son crazy. He is a smart kid, and he was wondering why he was not doing excellent in his physics classes. He would stay up late studying on his own, so we eased his burden by getting tutoring help for him at https://physicstuitionsg.com. It was nice to see the statistic that 80 percent of the cohort Tony Chee tutors improves by one or two grades. Our son wanted to be at the top of the class in every subject. It is a lofty goal and a lot of stress for a teenager. However, he said that it fit with his plan for his academic life. He wanted to be able to move into scientific research as early as possible without having to go through the motions that others often have to do before getting a research post.

I can understand that. He explained it that if he stays healthy and is able to work a long time that he only has about 50 years of time to research the things he is interested in fixing. He has a a goal to improve the lives of human beings everywhere. How can you argue with that? He is driven and has a plan. The guidance counselor at school has reviewed his short-term and long-term goals and has found them sound and actually quite amazing. She told us that our kid has it worked out unlike any other student she has seen.

He was getting good grades in physics, but he wanted great grades. He pointed out that grades are a permanent record. Why not take the time to make them the best they can be. If employers are going to be examining grade transcripts as part of making a determination for a job, or if universities are doing it to decide on placement, then the best grades are what you shoot for.